The Arlington Museum of Art (hereafter referred to as the “AMA”) is a visual arts museum and is subject to the rental agreements for each exhibit we display. 

  • The AMA is not liable for accidents, injuries, or losses, person or material, and the AMA will not be liable should any of these occur during any portion of the above function. 

  • Any events held in the Main Gallery and Mezzanine must take place after normal operating hours (Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm; Sunday: 1pm – 5pm). 

  • For exhibit rental agreements that stipulate that there should be no food or beverages in the Main Gallery, the space will not be rented unless otherwise approved by an administrative staff member. 

  • The AMA administrative staff reserves the right to refuse event rental if the Event would excessively disrupt official museum business and/or does not comply with our rules and regulations.

  • The AMA is not responsible for rental equipment rented from any outside company, or any personal or rental property left in the facility overnight.

  • The AMA is able to provide tables (round or square), chairs, and table cloths for the Event. Additional décor, if desired, will be provided by the individual or group renting the facility. The additional décor should be discussed and cleared with AMA administrative staff ahead of entering into the rental agreement. 

  • The AMA can provide certain technical support for the Event. Before confirming the event rental, the AMA administrative staff will consult on any technical support needed for the event. Please provide a layout of the where technical support and items will be placed during the event 72 hours prior to the event. 

  • A representative from the Event taking place must meet with any rental or other company for delivery and/or pickup of property. Contact AMA administrative staff to make arrangements for delivery and pickups.

  • Setup and takedown must take place on the day of the Event. Setup cannot begin until four (4) hours prior to the start of the Event, unless arrangements have been made with AMA administrative staff. Deliveries are only accepted the day of the Events and an AMA administrative staff member must be present. 

  • The Event must end by the time indicated in the contract unless prior arrangements have been made in advance with an AMA administrative staff member. 

  • The space used for the Event must be thoroughly cleaned and returned to its original condition following the Event. This includes:

    • Decorations, flowers, and other items brought in for the event taken down and disposed of properly. 

    • Kitchens counters, stove, sink, and other culinary spaces must be cleaned and left as found. 

    • All food removed from the building and disposed of properly.

    • All trash placed in the outside dumpster(s) at the rear of the building.

    • All trash receptacles emptied and cans relined. 

  • Exhibit walls and art cannot be disturbed, moved, touched, or damaged in any way. Furniture, guests, and any décor are required to maintain a three (3) food clearance from artwork in any galleries. 

  • No bird seed, rice, flower petals, confetti, etc. are allowed to be thrown inside or outside the AMA. Sparklers must be lit outside of the facility. No sparklers are allowed inside the AMA. 

  • A final walk-through of the space should be completed with AMA administrative staff member at least one (1) week before the date of the Event.

  • The AMA is a non-smoking facility. There are no exceptions.

  • The individual or group entering into this contract will be personally liable for any damages to the museum building and/or artwork in excess of the deposit. 


I have read the Facility Rental Agreement and agree to the above terms and conditions for facility rental at the Arlington Museum of Art. 

AMA Coordinator: _______________________________ Date: __________________

Renter Signature: ________________________________ Date: __________________


Date Requested: ___________________

Hours Requested: ___________________

Renting Party: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ___________________


Occasion for AMA Facility Rental: _______________________________________________

Event Location: 

Main Gallery ______ $4000 (Capacity 300)

Denker Gallery ______ $1500  Capacity 85)

Rooftop Gallery ______ $1000 (Capacity 75)

Basement Gallery ______ $1000 (Capacity 75


A 25% deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve the date in the AMA calendar. The remaining balance for the rental space is due at least 30 days prior to the date of the Event. 

Cancellation and Forfeit Fees:

If the remaining balance is not paid in full 30 days prior to the Event, the rental party forfeits the deposit of the space. For any cancellations within 30 days of the event, the AMA will refund the rental party of any additional fee paid over the 25% deposit, however the deposit will be forfeited by the rental party. 

Tables, Chairs, and Tablecloths:

The AMA can provide white garden chairs, round or rectangular tables, and table cloths for events. Table cloths are an addition $5.00 per tablecloth, available in black or white. 

Kitchen and Catering:

The AMA will provide a kitchen space when needed for event rentals. AMA administrative staff is happy to suggest caterers for events, if needed. 

I have read the event details and cancellation policy and agree to the terms and conditions.

AMA Coordinator: _______________________________ Date: __________________

Renter Signature: ________________________________ Date: __________________