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We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?

Do you have a mum-tacular Whataburger themed homecoming mum or garter? Come show it off in our What-A-Mum contest!

The 1st place winner will receive a $500 scholarship (if they are a student) or a $500 donation to their favorite children’s charity (if they are an adult)! The 1st place winner will also have the option to display their mum or garter as part of the museum’s current exhibition: MUMENTOUS.

Criteria for judging:

  1. How orange is the mum/ garter?

  2. How much does the mum/ garter represent Whataburger?

  3. How big, complex and creative is the design of the mum/ garter?

Contest rules:

  • You must register by October 18th, 5 PM.

  • The mum/garter must have been worn to an actual homecoming.

  • In order to qualify, you must be in attendance (with your mum/ garter) on October 19th at 10:45 AM at the Arlington Museum of Art for the official contest.

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